Tuesday 16 June 2009

A day of firsts.

Today is a pretty big day for me. I had to be up early to take delivery of my first batch of Rebif and I'm off to see my MS nurse this afternoon so she can show me how to do the injections. The delivery driver arrived at 10.30am and I was presented with a large box full of my new medication and associated kit.

I had originally elected to go on Copaxone but was advised by my Consultant that Rebif may be a better option as according to him my MS is pretty active and I may get better results with this. Time will tell. I am a little concerned about the reported side effects (flu - like symtoms etc) but I reckon that there is probably an equal chance of my experiencing minimal side effects, so we'll see.

I have started this blog partly to keep track of how things go, and who knows, other people may find bits of use for themselves. I hope so.

Ready? Here we go................

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